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Physical Therapists in Carmel IN helps women and men restore strength to their pelvic muscles, regain control over their bodies and reclaim their confidence. Get connected to compassionate, personalized care today.

Exceptional care, trusted expertise, remarkable outcomes. Conveniently located on N Michigan Rd in Carmel, ATI Physical Therapy is the premier choice for personalized physical therapy in a friendly and encouraging environment.

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

Pelvic floor physical therapy helps women and men address pelvic pain and dysfunction associated with bladder, bowel, or sexual function. Our therapists are skilled in working with the muscles, nerves and joints in the pelvic area to improve their ability to support the organs and functions of these structures.

A physical therapist who specializes in women’s health will listen to you and assess your symptoms. She will then design a personalized treatment plan to help restore strength, stability and balance to your body.

Amy Robinson founded Restore Your Core Physical Therapy in Indianapolis after seeing the need for high-quality, individualized hands-on care in an insurance-driven environment. She believes that everyone deserves a life without pain, fear and embarrassment caused by weak or uncontrolled pelvic floor muscles. She is skilled in the use of manual therapy, dry needling (functional dry needling) and Graston technique. Her special interests include pelvic pain and the treatment of female-specific conditions.

Sports Medicine Physical Therapy

If you’re a sports athlete or simply want to stay in shape, this type of physical therapy is for you. Your therapist can assess the severity of your injury and work with you to get back in the game quickly.

Your therapist can teach you exercises to help increase your strength, balance and coordination. They may also use medical rehabilitation tools like a goniometer to measure joint angles. They can also evaluate your movement patterns to identify faulty mechanics that might lead to future injuries.

Medical professionals in this field must have empathy to motivate patients through the treatment process. They watch for verbal and non-verbal cues that show frustration or discouragement so they can encourage patients to continue their sessions. They must also have advanced training in anatomy and physiology to plan and perform therapeutic treatments. They must also be prepared to provide emergency medical care, such as CPR, in case a patient develops life-threatening symptoms during treatment.

Orthopedic Physical Therapy

The therapists at this facility specialize in treating conditions and injuries that affect any part of the musculoskeletal system. This includes the muscles, bones, ligaments, and tendons. They use therapeutic modalities and assistive devices to reduce pain, improve mobility, and restore physical abilities.

An orthopedic physical therapist can help manage musculoskeletal injuries caused by chronic damage or overuse. This damage may manifest as a small injury, such as tennis elbow, or a larger issue such as a herniated disc.

Your therapist will create a treatment plan that will likely include a variety of strengthening, mobility, and balance-building exercises. They will also help you manage pain and swelling using various modalities. For instance, they might apply cryotherapy to reduce inflammation or use a device called e-stim to stimulate muscles. They will also teach you how to use these tools at home. In addition, they will work with your physician to keep them updated about your progress.

Manual Therapy

Using skilled hand movements, manual therapy is used to improve the function of joints and soft tissue. This technique helps restore movement and reduce pain when an injury or surgery causes inflammation, stiffness, or a loss of mobility. Manual physical therapists have extensive education in the musculoskeletal system. They look beyond the specific muscles that hurt and see how they are related to a joint or muscle group.

Some examples of manual physical therapy include Active Release Techniques (ART) and soft tissue mobilization. The latter involves moving the tissue or joint in a way that increases its range of motion without stretching it past its anatomical limits.

ATI offers physical therapy in Carmel with exceptional care, trusted expertise, and remarkable outcomes. Known for its upbeat atmosphere and encouraging team of experts, ATI provides personalized physical therapy in a friendly environment. Book an appointment online or call today to get started!

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