JERSEY CITY, NJ — The Great Jersey City Cleanup is back this weekend for the first time since it was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The annual event allows residents, elected officials, and civic organizations to come together to improve the quality of their neighborhoods. It includes Cleaning Services in Jersey City NJ neighborhood parks and picking up trash on streets and sidewalks.

Residential Cleaning Services in Jersey City NJ

JERSEY CITY — Residents will join elected officials and community leaders to clean neighborhood parks, pick up litter on streets and sidewalks, and plant flowers and trees in the annual Great Jersey City Cleanup this weekend. The event is the first to be held since 2019, following shutdowns during the COVID-19 pandemic. The volunteer cleanup is part of the Keep Jersey City Beautiful initiative, which works to foster community spirit by mobilizing residents to beautify neighborhoods in all six boroughs.

The program is funded through the New Jersey Environmental Protection Department’s Clean Communities grant award to municipalities, based on their population, housing units and miles of municipally owned roadways. The grant program also funds educational campaigns to help the public avoid littering and encourages local governments to enforce ordinances related to litter. The New Jersey Clean Communities Council, a nonprofit organization partnering with the DEP, administers the reporting requirements for the grant program.

Junk Removal

When you’re moving or clearing out your home, having junk removal services is essential. Not only will this free up space, but it will also help the environment. Instead of dumping junk, your local Junkluggers team will donate or recycle items whenever possible. This will save you time and energy and keep as much of your junk out of landfills as possible.

The Junkluggers’ signature green trucks are equipped to handle almost any junk removal job, including heavy-duty trash and demolition debris. They’re perfect for residential and commercial construction, remodeling, or renovation projects in Jersey City. WM has open-top dumpsters available for rent in multiple sizes, so you can find the right one to fit your project.

Dirt removal in Jersey City NJ can be a messy job, but there are several things you can do to make the process go more smoothly. First, be sure to only dump clean dirt on your property and not debris or grass clippings. This way, the soil won’t end up in the sewer system or become a sanitary hazard for your neighbors. WM can remove dirt and other organic materials from your yard or garden for you, saving you the hassle of lugging it out in your personal vehicle.

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